Samples in Medical Fields

Samples are commonly used in medical field for examination purposes of samples collected from the body. Blood and Urine tests are the most common terms used in medical profession. Blood samples are collected for measurement of blood lipids and glucose.

For glucose measurement, plasma is used and glycated hemoglobin measurement requires whole blood. The urine samples are used for studying any infection, pregnancy confirmation etc. Many NGOs and government has launched a massive campaign for awareness on AIDS/HIV and safe sex.

For this purposes many organizations distribute free samples of condoms to ensure more awareness. Many leading condom companies have distributed the condoms for free as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. Durex has distributed the free condoms in at least 19 countries all over the world as a part of CSR.

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Sampling In Music

The sampling in music is fairly a new concept which has been introduced recently. Here sampling is the act of taking a portion of one sound recording and reusing it as an instrument or element of a new recording. This type of sampling is possible with tape loops or with vinyl records on a phonograph. Over sometime, sampling has become a major part of making modern music.

Everything from break beats, loops, world instruments, vocal performances, chants, even industrial sounds have all found their way into the music of the last two decades. Sampling has changed the way the music was made. The samples are collected from the musical instruments by the workstations and samplers and they play a sample back at any pitch on their own. Many modern synthesizers and drum machines also use samples as the basis of their sounds.

These are usually developed by the manufacturer of the instrument or by a subcontractor who specializes in creating such samples. There are businesses and individuals who create libraries of samples of musical instruments. Of course, a sampler allows anyone to create such samples. This introduction of sampling has lead to many court cases as it has lead to violation of copyright laws. Under the newly started CC licenses in the west, remixing and sampling amounts to transforming the music, so you can’t legally remix or sample a song under a CC license.
The need for fresh exciting samples has given way to an industry unto itself and many artists and producers regard their sample library as an integral part of their sound. Several celebrities have even released their own sampling CDs or CD ROMs.

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Sampling In Signal Processing

Signal processing is an important concept that is being used now days and it also forms an important subject in the various streams of Engineering. Here the sampling is the reduction of a continuous signal to a discrete signal. A sample here refers to a value or set of values at a point in time or space.

In signal processing the most important theorem used is Sampling Theorem which states as how to sample the given signal so that no information is lost in process. According to sampling theorem, a band limited signal with no frequency components above a certain cut-off frequency is uniquely determined by its discrete values at equally spaced points, provided these samples are taken at a sampling rate equal to or greater than twice the cut-off frequency or Fs >=2Fm. This minimum sampling rate is known as the Nyquist rate. The process of obtaining a set of samples from a continuous function of time x(t) is referred to as sampling. The process of sampling is done by the help of analog to digital converter filters.

A2D converters are the bread and butter of DSP systems. In real A/D converters the sampling is caried out by a sample-and-hold buffer. The sample-and-hold buffer splits the sample period in a sample time and a hold time. The signal is recovered at the reception side by the use of anti-aliasing filters or digital to analog converter.

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Sample Resume and Cover Letters

As the market is getting more and more competitive, it is very essential that when you are applying for a job your resume must tell about your skills comprehensively but in short. So these days, sample resumes and covering letters are gaining wide importance with each and every passing day. One must realize the importance of a resume as this is the first impression your prospective employer will have of you.

You must build a professional resume if you are seeking a high level position in any organization. But overall resumes also should have a professional quality, no matter whether you are a fresher or professional. To find a good sample resume objective, take a look at some of the resume building tools online or in some resume building software. All the information that you need to find a good sample resume objective can be very easily accessible if you have an internet connection. A basic of any resume is to be honest in what you are hoping to achieve. You do not have to get too wordy, either.

A good sample resume objective can be as simple as saying that you want to be a receptionist.
Whenever you send a resume to a company in the hopes of attaining a job, you should always include a cover letter. Many people have more of a difficult time writing the cover letter than the actual resume. A cover letter is not an arduous task to write and if you would like to get an overview of a sample resume cover letter, you may go online and have a look at some of the letters exhibited on some of the employment websites.

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Samples In Statistics

Each problem in the statistics is answered considering the samples only. In statistics, a sample is a subset of a population. Usually, the population is large which makes a census or a complete enumeration of all the values in the population impractical. The sample generally represents a subset of size which can be easily managed.

The samples are collected and statistics are calculated from these samples so that we can make inferences or predictions from the sample to the population. This process of collecting information from a sample is often called sampling.
In every sphere of life you will find importance of Statistics for comparative analysis of a particular item or unknown. These day exit polls are very famous for each news agency and dailies. As soon as elections are over there is prediction of how much seats will particular party will get in the concluded polls. So how does this exit polls are carried on? Exit polls are taken immediately after voters exit polling stations.

These are surveys usually taken of a representative or a number of respondents in a particular population from the overall population. The exit poll analyzer begins its prediction by drawing a random sampling of precincts within a state, selected so that the odds of any district being selected are proportionate to the number that typically vote in that district or region or precinct. One or sometimes two interviewers will report to each sampled district.

The data collection is done by team members who will stand outside the polling station and attempt to randomly select 100 odd voters during the day as they exit from voting process. The interviewer typically accomplishes this task by counting voters as they leave the polling station and chooses voter at a specific interval-(eg every 10th or 20th voter). The interval can be chosen according to the wish of interviewer but it is usually chosen so that approximately 100 interviews will be spread evenly over the course of the day. Once the polls close, the interviewer attempts to obtain actual turnout counts. One of the unique aspects of the exit poll design is the way it gradually incorporates actual turnout and vote data as it becomes available once the polls are over or are closed.

The exit poll designers have developed special weighting schemes and many other algorithms to make all sorts of comparisons to historical data that supports the networks as they decide whether to decide in the favour for a particular candidate. When all of the votes have been counted, the exit poll is weighted by the vote to match the actual result. So we can see that the prediction can be more accurate if large number of samples is collected for the consideration.

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